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Dear H, Just a pro-tip. If you 'don't want to do something that will… - To Whom It May Concern... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Our Letters to the World

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[Apr. 4th, 2013|12:15 am]
Our Letters to the World


Dear H,

Just a pro-tip. If you 'don't want to do something that will upset' me? Then stop doing the same. Damn. Thing. On a regular basis after seeing that it upsets me every single time. Maybe it's just me, but this is one of those times where actions speak louder than words and repeating this? It's practically screaming 'I don't care about your feelings'.

Also, just another piece of advice: I have one foot out the door on this friendship. If you keep this up I *will* end it.

Just a couple of thoughts.

No love,

Dear English Prof,

The classroom is not your platform to rant about politics. Particularly not political issues that it is painfully obvious you don't understand. Just because you say 'lol! I don't *really* believe that! I was just using it to -insert weak link to a lesson we learned over a month ago-' doesn't magically make anything you say 'ok' or prevent it from being hurtful - or even, in a couple of cases, promoting bad stereotypes of minority groups. Maybe you really don't believe it, though I doubt it, but even if you don't there are people who *do* or people whose lives have been impacted by someone who does believe those things.

You claim to be trying to make a safe learning environment? Great. But please at least try to do it without alienating the people who need a safe space most of all.

Screw you,

Dear A,

I know we're project partners, and I'm aware of what we need to do. However, trying to pressure me into agreeing to something I've already said I can't do? Messed up. If I said I can't do something on that specific day, I can't do it. Trying to get me to say otherwise will *not* happen.

No love,

P.S. Please stop relating everything to your children. Really, I promise the world won't explode if you don't relate something to them.

Dear life,

Thank you for deciding to crumble tonight. A big 'Fuck you' to you too.

Screw off,