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Dear D-bag in my Spanish class, Yes, the teacher did say Spanish, as… - To Whom It May Concern... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Our Letters to the World

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[Oct. 8th, 2013|03:38 pm]
Our Letters to the World


Dear D-bag in my Spanish class,

Yes, the teacher did say Spanish, as a language, tends to favor guys. The whole class understood what she meant and there was *really* no need for you to say "As it should." Yeah, people laughed, more out of shock that you actually said that than anything and if you'd left it at that? I wouldn't be writing this. However, you took it into your head to do them at least once a class and that? That's not okay.

Point in fact, other people have tried to subtly get you to knock it off. Sure, it is subtle but "Hey, man, we're out numbered here, don't say that!" is still "Don't say that", and one of your friends has actually point blank said "Hey, I laughed because I want people to know you're joking but it's really not cool to say that."

On a personal level, I'm honestly starting to think you believe the shit you're saying and you're just looking for validation by making those jokes. So knock it the fuck off,


Dear Ch,

We don't really talk, but thanks for telling S to knock it off. It really is appreciated.



Dude, get on top of doing your assignments. I know that game is pretty distracting, but it's not worth getting bad grades to play it.