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You Don't Call Me a Faggot and Get Away With It. - To Whom It May Concern... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Our Letters to the World

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You Don't Call Me a Faggot and Get Away With It. [Dec. 26th, 2013|02:46 pm]
Our Letters to the World
Dear Bear,

I'm contacting Corey and clearly showing him our conversations over facebook and our phones so he knows how sleazy you are :)

You're fat. You know that.
So I'm gonna let you in on what ya don't know.

First off, let's get one thing straight, I'm NOT. I was being honest when I told you I was gay, it wasn't a lie that if I was straight I'd be making up in order to back out of having to say the fact that I didn't like you because you're fat, ugly, and retarded, even though if I was straight, that's what I would have said lol. It still makes me giggle to think that you honestly believed someone as good looking as me, actually liked you, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, it'll be a story I'll be telling for the rest of my life lol, I've shown my friends and will keep showing my new friends how ugly you are on facebook, telling them the story, and showing our fb messages so they know just how much of a joke it was hahahaha. You're soo disgusting.

Now... why would I say I was bisexual, and then pretend to like you you ask? Well, it's quite simple, but so you understand me completely, I'll start from the very beginning.

Not long after Chuck and Suzanne moved in next door, and my brother and I started going over there to hang with the boys, Vinny and the rest of us started taking notice to the trampoline in your backyard, so one weekend he talked Devon and Rocky into knocking on your door. I didn't have any hope that the four eyed fat girl I had seen constantly lying on the trampoline all the time would ever agree to let us all jump on it, guess I was wrong lol. To this day, I still don't know how you discovered my full name, because I sure as fuck didn't tell you it or want you to know. Regardless, your creepy fat ass managed to find me on facebook. And then, you started messaging the shit out of me, practically forcing me into admitting to you that I was gay hahaha. I thought you were such a desperate retard, which you are, I mean you couldn't even take a hint that I wasn't even remotely interested in you after we played the 'guess who my crush is' game for a fucking hour and I still didn't get it right, wasn't it fucking obvious to you that I knew it was me, but I just didn't want to say it because I didn't fucking like you? lol. You are truly as dumb as your lame drunken excuse for a father. So after you asked me for my number and you started texting me, I began to truly feel bad for you. Beyond the fact that you were texting me every second of the day like a deranged ugly girl who needed attention, I quickly came to realize you were an extremely boring person with absolutely no life, no real friends, and barely even any fake friends haha, besides Gabe, Alyssa, and Heather, who all hate you now and see you for exactly what you are, a miserable cunt. Vinny told me way back that he told Alyssa how you made fun of the way she was walking haha, you're so fake and ugly it's pathetic, at least Alyssa has friends haha. I almost died of laughter when Vince told me how you fell flat on your fat face when you were pretending to walk like her HAHAHA, talk about instant karma you cunt.

So after I became your fake friend, I couldn't help but think about all of the ways I would use you for entertainment, like a circus animal, so I thought I'd invite you to my pool party and let all my friends get a good laugh. I already told everyone ahead of time that some annoying fat girl who resembled a donkey’s asshole might be coming, and that no one was allowed to laugh at you to your face because I didn't want the joke of the party to leave lol. When I asked you if you wanted to come, you said you would, but you wouldn't be swimming because you were going to have your period hahaha. You are the dumbest, and only pig faced bitch I've ever met lol. I've never associated with someone as ugly as you before in my entire life, not to mention repulsive. I knew you just came up with that bullshit excuse because you didn't want anyone to see your muffin top and thunder thighs strapped into a bathing suit lol. So after I learned you'd come to the party but weren't going to swim, I uninvited your fat ass instantly.

But anyway, up until this point I basically thought you were just an ugly loser with no self esteem, which is obvious to EVERYONE. However, I had yet to realize you were a miserable cunt, as well. So. The good person I am, I decided I would brighten up your dull, pointless little life, and say I was bisexual. I would pretend I was interested in you and your gender (whatever that may be) for a short time, knowing from the start I would use Vinny as an excuse to not be able to date you, his mentally ill ass actually did like you haha. It makes sense tho, someone would have to be disturbed and overweight, basically stink to the eye, to have a capacity of convincing themselves you’re their only option. Their mental state would have to be in free fall to overcome the unthinkable feat of looking at you without wanting to puke... Wait a minute, that description describes you perfectly! LMFAO, you need to be on more pills for your attention deficit you worthless pig.

So over that brief slip of time that I played you like a piano, it became clear to me that you were far more stupid, gullible, and damaged, than previously assessed, and I no longer pitied you. Not to mention you’re 10 times uglier up close, your face literally makes people wonder if Jabba the Hutt was drugged and raped by your ancestors. Pugh. I didn't want to deal with you anymore, you were wasting a lot of my time, and you weren't even going to be the clown at my party. You did absolutely nothing but completely drain my cellphone battery everyday, you were obsessed with me, it was starting to give me the heebie jeebies, so I had to come up with a way to get you to fuck off for good. I thought that good old lying by saying Vinny was my best friend and that I didn’t want to take the girl he liked would get you to beat it, but obviously that didn't work. You were too obsessed, and still are today. So I made up some story to tell you that branched off of something Gabe told me about you having a crush on some guy in a store, just so it sounded believable enough for your pigeon brain to believe. I called you a 'slut blah blah blah', and it worked remember?!? You left me alone after that. :D I was freee at last !!! I even got my friend Loretta to pretend that she was in a relationship with me on facebook and to tell you to leave me alone haha. And to tie up all the loose ends, I apologized to you when I saw that your sick psychotic ass had unblocked me, just so I didn't have to worry in the future about you stalking me because you still liked me, god you're so fucked up in that fat head of yours. I know I'm genetically blessed, but christ, never in my life have I encountered someone so obsessive, you are one sick bitch. You've got some deep seeded issues to bear there Bear, not to mention how ridiculously insecure you are haha, no wonder you are such a pathetic nobody and no one likes or wants to be seen with you lol. Get some therapy, pleasee. In another life, where you had some confidence and weren’t an ignorant sloth, your depressing, mindless personality might have stood a chance at miraculously making up for the fact that you look like you just got hit by a truck. Oh well.

Now, this brings us to the moment when you messaged me on facebook, out of nowhere, asking me if I wanted to start talking to you again hahahahahaha, after having done my fake apology to you and making amends, you fucking message me on facebook. Seriously? You have a boyfriend, and you’re still feeling the twitch to text me? In that moment I knew you were truly obsessed, still, after all those months. But I played it off, knowing that I would just make every excuse in the book not to hang out with you, yet still act is if I was willing to by offering to hang out and skype with you here and there, knowing it wouldn't work out by planning it all to conflict with your “boyfriend” hangout time, or by just bailing on you at the last minute and come up with some lame excuse that you’d believe lol, cuz you're retarded. Just when I was beginning to think you would really leave me alone, you fucking message me asking if I wanted to start talking again. Corey must be banging you a little too loose. You are fucking unhinged. What a sad fake relationship lol, I always thought it was, and that just confirmed it. So I decided to respond, knowing full well that even though you had a ‘boyfriend’, the chances of you coming on to me were still slim to fat. But I wasn’t too worried at this point, and I figured I could use you for some bonus info on Erin and Gabe, which I did :)

It was quite comical when you texted me pretending to be your boyfriend on your phone last night hahaha, you're such a pathetic loser Bearanna. It was so blatantly obvious that you were pretending to be him, it was cute to watch :) lmao, you twisted cunt. You so desperately wanted me to confess that I liked you through pretending you were him, it was just pathetic, at least it made me laugh lol. You should try getting a life, I mean you have a boyfriend, isn't he enough to get me off of your puny useless mind? Obviously not lol, but that's not my problem :D. You’re an outrageously ugly pig inside and out, a poster child for white trash, and you are beyond unfit to be a friend or a lover to anybody, and not just because of your looks. Yeah, you're fucked :]. You make your fellow degenerates of the shack you live in proud!!! Never contact me again you cow.

PS. Your sister Ashlie has the face of a rottweiler