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To Whom It May Concern...

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Our Letters to the World
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Dear LJers,

This community is for posting those letters we wish we could write to people, companies, or objects that just piss us off. Letters we sometimes write, but never actually send... Letters we would just LOVE to shove in the faces of the addressees and actually get a reaction out of 'em.

Although despite the title of angryletters, anything in letter form is accepted.

Common subjects to write letters to or about:
  • Friends
  • Family & loved ones
  • Pets
  • Companies (e.g. MTA, Sony, Dell, Budweiser)
  • Things (your bookcase, the TV, your big toe)
  • Places (New York City, Australia, Bumfuck Mall, your old high school)

    If it's in letter form feel free to post it! Whether you're emailing a friend or company, cursing out the MTA, pleading with your grandmother, working on a practice love letter, or wondering where your socks went, you're good to go.


    No, you do not have to explain yourself in your main letter-post. People may ask for clarification in comments, however.

    Your letter can be short if you feel the need for it to be, or a damn monologue if you want to write one (as long as you LJ-cut it!). Cursing is allowed (so don't complain if you're upset by off-color language).

    You won't be judged by what you gripe about in your letter unless there is good reason to (i.e. please stay away from making racist remarks or direct attacks against members). I STRONGLY urge members not to make posts-about-posts. Those usually turn into a downward spiral of immaturity that just isn't cool. Problem with a post? Alert a mod before blowing your top.

    If you take offense at what someone has posted, WAIT before replying. Remember, we're here to vent. Not attack, not bash, not condemn. Let people have their opinions. Sure, you can reply and defend the subject if you feel the need to. But PLEASE don't be assholes about it.

    If something said IS out of line, alert me or one of the moderators. They are inept, shhbabe, and lavidio. Each is a voice of mediatory reason and common sense, with a good range of senses of humor thrown in. They have my authorization to step in if the rules for the community (including courtesy in replies) are not followed.
    If someone replies to your post in a way that you feel is attacking you, take it with a grain of salt and respond in a mature fashion. Hey, you may be wrong after all. Don't be afraid to humble yourself; others will respect you for it. 
    Any argument you have will be seen by everyone in the community - you don't want to say something to someone that will make you look like an ass yourself. If the response you get to your post sounds like the person went overboard, wait a bit before replying. For all you know, someone ELSE will read it and reply on how that person was being an idiot. That saves you the annoyance, plus you look better overall for not letting it get to you.

    You know the age restrictions on LiveJournal? If you're here, you must be 13 and over, so I KNOW you must be a mature human being. Please don't put that up for debate.

    And finally,
    OPs, please do not disable comments in your entries, and do not delete comments. Leave the deleting to mods. That's what they're there for. If you delete them yourself, you'll just bring more crap down on your own head. Not fun. Posting in this community is bound to get responses, and keeping those responses contained to one post is preferable. Keep in mind that any negative response you may get will still be polite if the replier follows courtesy rules. Any other reply out of line (i.e. trolling) should be either frozen (that's this button: - it prevents immediate responses to the offending comment), or left alone and reported to a moderator. It will be dealt with. So if you're here (and especially if you dish it out yourself), suck it up and take it as well.

    Above all, PLEASE try to be coherent. donttalk leik dis plsthxbye or you will be dragged out into the street and shot repeatedly in the face.

    Join away and begin your letter-writing!

    arikatt (Founder and maintainer)
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